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Chompy's eye=poppin' CHOMPY JUICE recipe is here!  It's SUPER DUPER delicious and EASY to make...but shhhh...don't tell mom or dad that it's GOOD FOR YOU!!

Visiting Kids at the Point and the kids love their CHOMPY JUICE!

CHOMPY JUICE is always a HUGE hit!  Thanks Chef Vince!


1/2 frozen ripe banana*, previously peeled & sliced

3/4 cup vanilla yogurt

1/2 cup orange juice

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 TBSP. mashed cooked carrots**

Blend above until smooth and creamy.  Makes 2 servings.


**you can add some sugar to water when cooking carrots for extra sweetness - approx. 1 Tbsp. sugar per 1/2 cup water OR use canned carrots.