*****Very well written and descriptive - Readers' Favorite 

*****This is the second book in the series and it just keeps getting better - Susan Day, Author of Astro's Adventures

See what happens when the Munchytown Chompers meet the Crunchytown Dragonslayers in


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Volume 3

****The author subtly conveys the message of healthy eating through the actions of the characters - Books Direct

What began as a way to keep her grandchildren entertained, has evolved into a series of exciting tales about Chompy, a carrot with superpower eyesight! Chompy and his pals go on some wacky adventures -- not to mention the all-important carrot-powered CHOMPY JUICE!  Her first book, "The Secret Formula" was published in March, 2016, followed by "Search for the Hidden Treasure and "Spud's First Day Surprise."  All three books have received excellent reviews.  Nancy is available for local readings in schools, libraries and day care centers, which includes an interactive discussion on story creation geared toward 4 - 9 year olds.

Volume 2

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Meet Children's Author Nancy Beaule

Volume 1

When coach Brock O. Lee discovers his new baseball team is very sluggish, he embarks on a quest to get the Munchy Bunch into shape!